Come visit the beautiful Hernando Heritage Museum and see some or all of the

11,000 artifacts on display there...Open Tues. thru Sat....12:00 to 03:00..The museum

is home of the Brooksville Raid which was voted by the Florida reenactors as the best and largest civil war reenactment in Florida.

The Story of
Jessie May

Jessie May Saxon was the daughter of John and Marena Saxon. Marena died giving birth to Jessie May in the house which is now the Hernando Heritage Museum.  Jessie May died of unknown causes in the same house  approximately 3 1/2 years later . Numerous people over the years have heard her crying for her mother. Both Jessie and her mother are

buried on the grounds of the museum, however there are no

markers to indicate where.

The docents have noticed that toys on display in the dining

room area have been moved into  the foyer or placed in

different positions in front of the fireplace. On more than

one occasion toys have been rearranged by a volunteer to

be displayed on the floor in front of one of the fireplaces. 

This is done right before the museum doors are locked for

the night. When the volunteer returns the next morning,

the toys are arranged in a different way from how they had

left them! Now, docents think that perhaps Jessie doesn't

always like the way they are arranged, and fixes them to her liking!

Right before one Mother's Day Tea the docents had displayed two teacups

on the small table in front of the wood mantle. The next day there were

three cups , and the day after there was four. The cups had been moved

from the china cabinet to the table and no one knew by whom!

One day recently, a volunteer came in about 7:30 in the morning, long before the museum was to open at the noon hour. She heard loud noises in the attic. The strange thing was this volunteer knew nobody else was in the house! She suspects that Jessie was upset to be disturbed so early.

Also, sometimes on windy days, you can hear a faint, sad voice calling "Mommy....Mommy". It may be the wind whistling through the rafters. Or, it could be poor Jessie, calling for her lost mother.