Come visit the beautiful Hernando Heritage Museum and see some or all of the

11,000 artifacts on display there...Open Tues. thru Sat....12:00 to 03:00..The museum

is home of the Brooksville Raid which was voted by the Florida reenactors as the best and largest civil war reenactment in Florida.

The Kitchen and
Other Living Areas

Inside the kitchen area of the house is a wood-burning stove, which was bought in 1929 for the school. Concerned about their childrens' lunches, the mothers organized a fish-fry to raise money for the stove, which cost $23.95. They then took turns coming to school to cook for the students. Next to the stove is a Maytag washer that was built in 1923.


An early Maytag Washing Machine 

Across the room is a round refrigerator. The women

loved the Lazy Susan that would spin inside the

refrigerator because they could easily reach the food

in the back, but the "ice box" failed because of its

round shape. You see, ice came in big, square blocks,

and to get it to fit in the ice compartment, half the ice

would need to be chopped away!

The Story of the Weasel

In the dining room we display how yarn was made with the

spinning wheel and as the thread thickened on the item

shown "the weasel" it would make a popping noise,  the

children would be listening to that all day long, so  that

is probably where the song "Pop goes the Weasel "

came about . 


The Museum

Brooksville Raid


Train Depot


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