Come visit the beautiful Hernando Heritage Museum and see some or all of the

11,000 artifacts on display there...Open Tues. thru Sat....12:00 to 03:00..The museum

is home of the Brooksville Raid which was voted by the Florida reenactors as the best and largest civil war reenactment in Florida.

The School Room

We have school field trips available for 4th grade school children

to be taught  as the children were in the 1860's. This is a 2 hour

program, one of which is teaching and one of touring the Museum.

Contact Gretchen Countryman at the Museum for appointments.

The school room located on the second floor of the museum is a

replica of an old school. There was never actually a school at that

house, but a room is set up to look that way. In the early days of

Brooksville, schools were one-room buildings, with all the grades

taught in the same room by the same teacher. The younger students sat in front and the older in back. The teacher would call on each grade to stand up and recite their lessons.

The Lykes family was said to have built the first school that was in Hernando County in 1850 after they moved here from South Carolina. It was built in what is now Spring Hill. The next school was built in Brooksville in an area known as Saxon Heights, by Dr. J.R. Temple. The Hernando County Board of Public Instruction was organized in July, 1869, but attempts to organize a school system failed. By 1872 there were ten public schools in the county, including one in a log hut which was located near where the Main Brooksville Library now stands.


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